General Terms

IXIA CLIENT SOFTWARE: The software provided on all Ixia items is the server software only. The server software has ixserver and ixplorer as the only desktop applications. The server application licensed features are accessed through various Ixia client applications that interact with the chassis server. 

You can download the Ixia client applications if you have online access with Ixia. These client applications are typically free from Ixia but you will need an Ixia logon account.  We offer a selection of these applications to our customers at no charge but the selection is incomplete.  We do not sell these with the servers as a package. Client application needs are the buyer’s responsibility, we do not guarantee that we will have all your needs though we will try to assist you if we can. We only guarantee the server applications as itemized in the listings.

In a single user environment, you can set the client-side GUI interface on an external PC or you can set them up on an application server when using a chassis in a multi-user environment to access and configure all the sub-license features included in a listing. Multiple chassis can be accessed in the client applications environment which allows you to use the licensed features of several chassis all at once in one interface.

WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET... What is included in this listing will be shown in the pictures. If you do not see an accessory in the pictures and it is not specifically listed as included in the condition description or the listing description, the accessory is not included. Please read the descriptions completely for exceptions on this.

GENERAL REFUND POLICY: You are covered with a full money back guarantee for at least 30 days or longer as specified in the listing, unless an item is indicated as “Sold as is – no returns”.  We go beyond that by promising that if you are dissatisfied for any reason and if we cannot fix this with you, we will give you 100% of your purchase price back as a cash refund. This will include the original shipping costs if your dissatisfaction  is due to an issue with the item you bought being “Not as described”.



Store policies:


Also please note that we may take up to 3 business days to ship from the time you paid for your order. Also, please keep in mind that weekends are not counted. So, if you place an order Friday night, we may not get it out until the following Wednesday (worst case scenario) though we ship as soon as we can. We also reserve the right to change the method of shipping selected at the time of purchase to an equivalent or better delivery service that best fits the item being delivered.

If you need a faster service, please tell us so we can adjust our priorities but please don’t expect expedited service unless you ask us to do so first as our commitment is 3 days if you have not specifically asked for faster shipping.

We ship worldwide .. Some items may take up to 5 days to palletize and ship

Please note that the us mail (USPS) may not be an acceptable choice for international shipping due to package size and weight restrictions and export documentation requirements. If you chose USPS for your international shipment, you may be told you have to select FedEx or USPS or even DHL at a higher price due to the restrictions when using USPS. If you have a question on this, please confirm your shipping choice with us before placing your order.

International shipments may be delayed or cancelled due to EAR and ITAR export compliance requirements. The vast majority of our items do not need export licenses and can be shipped under ear99 and other exemptions. Items that do require export licenses should be indicated within the listing.

Unless indicated as “Sold as is no returns”, you will have either 30 or 60 days to return your purchase, for any reason, if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase. You can return the product for a full refund or exchange the product for another item, be it similar or not. The period of 30 or 60 days is listed for each item on the items listing page.

Any product you return must be in the same condition you received it and in the original packaging. All items are guaranteed to be “as described”. Any item you feel is not as described in the listing; you can return it at our expense for a full refund regardless if the item is listed “as is no returns”.


Unless indicated as “Sold as is no returns”, you will have either 30 or 60 days to return your purchase for a warranty claim at our expense for a full refund, a repair or a replacement. Some higher value items we will warranty beyond eBay’s 60 day maximum limit for normal listing. If you are interested in extending your warranty, ask us at the time of your purchase.

Data Privacy
We do not keep or share your information anywhere. Your information resides only on ebay and is only available to us for a limited time while we are interacting with you on an inquiry, order or a return, per eBay’s usage policies.


Electronics in general, where possible items are tested. The value of an item greatly contributes to the amount or effort put into testing. It just isn’t possible to test many low value items due to the time required and the expenses associated with it. Items that are not specifically tested in detail are visually inspected and reviewed for their operational status. When purchasing recycled items, it is reasonable to have varying quality and occasional failures. Just remember you are covered with a money back guarantee on most items. We want you to be happy above all other considerations.

Appliance parts. Used items are cleaned, clear plastics are hand polished to reduce visible scuffs or scratches. Paint chips are sometimes but not always repaired. Lime and rust deposits are removed to the best of our ability. Some minor repairs may be performed. Any exceptional wear will be noted in our description. We do our best to restore any used item but the final condition of the restoration is subjective to one’s opinion. If you take issue with the items’ condition, we promise to work with you to resolve this. Note that stock photos are often used and are not the exact item being sold. If you would like to request a different or an actual photo of an item you are interested in, please submit a request before buying.