About Us

I am Allen E. Hall and Zombie Components is the fun job I always wanted.  After nearly 30 years in aerospace, I finally found my home.

Things I did working for Esterline, Whittaker and Meggitt:

Commercial and Military Aircraft, Helicopters, Missiles, Nuclear Aircraft Carriers and Submarines, Nuclear Power Generation, Exotic Heat Exchanges, Rockets, Space Craft Communications (including New Horizons), Offshore Energy Technologies, Electronic Controls with Flight Certified Software, Sensors, Detectors, Fluid Controls, Pneumatics, Armor Systems, Exotic Polymers, Chemical Reaction Engineering Technologies, Fermi Labs, CERN… If it flies, If it shoots, If it runs on nuclear energy or can be categorized as extreme environments or high energy, the chances are good that I have made parts for it. I know manufacturing processes inside out and backwards using every imaginable process….. I have worked closely with the military, research labs, FFRDC’s, AFRL, NAVSEA / NAVAIR, all the major ALC’s and all the aerospace OEM’s. I know how its made, I know the markets and I understand the technologies…..I have done a lot and damn I am starting to get old.

I have always enjoyed a challenge and hard work.  I went from a buyers position to Group President / Managing Director over  4 divisions of Meggitt in10 years with no degree. At the peak, I had in total over 1000 employees and a couple hundred engineers in the US and the UK. Its great if you enjoy the company of chartered accountants… but I prefer to get my hands dirty.

Zombie Components where we bring dead,discarded, surplus and obsolete technologies back to useful life and saving them from become landfill waste. We are a green solution for your exotic and hard to find obsolete technologies.


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